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The previous presidential election has taken its toll on the nation, as America has become more divided than ever, due to differences in beliefs and political opinions. With Trump’s election as President, many states have reported a decrease in tolerance – a step back from the progressive thinking that was starting to get inculcated to society.

With this in mind, the latest news about the Republican party report that Trump’s effect on Republican candidates has been negative and that the Republican party is doomed in a sense where the party’s approval, particularly with Trump’s leadership, and other Republicans are continuing to plummet according to the latest polls.

As a result, many Republicans who doubt the ability of Donald Trump to lead the country has increased, and many of them are scrambling to search for ways how to unregister from a political party.

how trump administration will affect the republican party

Latest News on Republican Party Straight from the GOP

Recently, Hillary Clinton called out the administration of Donald Trump on their latest move made by the Senate in passing the health care bill filed by the then ruling Democrats. In turn, Clinton emphasized how the Republican party is doomed once Donald Trump’s health care bill is revised and passed.

The GOP’s stand on the issue remains firm, and with this in mind, the latest news in the Republican party indicates Trump’s effect on Republican candidates in the next election may be troubling. Because of this, a candidate may have second thoughts about their political alignment, with some learning how to unregister from a political party, especially since a lot are deeply concerned with Trump’s immigration policies.

Is the Republican Party Doomed?

The latest news on the Republican party is unfavorable, given that the approval ratings of Donald Trump are plummeting. Donald Trump’s effect on a Republican candidate’s reputation may not be good, given his unfavorable stance on national policies and how they can have a ripple effect, even for a governor who is favorable with a controversial campaign.

Because of this, many speculate the Republican party is doomed once the Trump effect is realized.

Trump's Effect on Republican Candidate Why Are Some Scrambling to Learn How to Unregister from a Political Party

Trump’s Effect on Republican Candidates: Why Are Some Scrambling to Learn How to Unregister from a Political Party?

The effect of the Trump administration has made on GOP candidates have more than a primary and negative impact on the party. The unguarded remarks made by Trump on controversial issues has had a negative effect on the party, leaving many voters dismayed. Local women have protested the misogynistic policies, in addition to the immigration issues the Trump administration is trying to tackle.

At the end of the day, the Trump administration may have a negative effect on the GOP, but many analysts still hope for a better future as long as Trump learns how to lessen the negative effect his administration has made or if he enacts policies which are deemed to be progressively backward.

With this in mind, 2016 has been so far, a year to test the Trump administration, and it is expected that like any other leader, Donald Trump will learn from his mistakes.

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