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ISIS, Syria war, Great Barrier Reef threat, and poverty in Africa has raised people’s awareness that the world’s condition is not getting any better. These threats leave them with fear that one day it might happen in their own country.

The uncertainty of events has challenged governments to uplift the dignity of their citizens. Some countries invested in upgrading their military units to address the issue ensuring the safety of the people.

However, the military units upgrade is only a part of the solution. Because many concerned individuals think that good governance helps in the realization of human security.

To understand the argument, let us define the human security and good governance before linking them together.

Human security

In concept, human security focused on protecting the people from critical and pervasive threats. It enhances the people’s freedom and empowerment. It also complements the concept of state security, human development, and human rights.

In practice, programs are created so human security can be operationalized. The programs aim to address complex situations that are people-centered, multisectoral, and comprehensive. It also addresses context-specific and prevention-oriented measures.

Human security program’s design process undergoes three phases as listed below:

  •    Phase 1: Analysis, Mapping and Planning – It focuses on the collection of data

   representing the needs and vulnerability of the community. Insecurities map out from  

   the data serve as the basis for the establishment of strategies.

  •    Phase 2: Implementation – The implementation of the planned strategies require the

   involvement of local partners.

  •    Phase 3: Impact Assessment – Program creators ask if the right strategy was

   implemented to address the security issues.

Good governance

On the other hand, good governance focused on the process of assessing the status of the state and its people. It aims to break the barriers that hinder the achievement of state and human security. It’s achieved by coming up with an appropriate decision. It does not only rely on the right decision but also on execution.

Because the people rely on government, especially when it comes to political security, they expect the roles and responsibilities to be fulfilled. A successful execution of good governance promotes community confidence. Other results include quality service and prudent management of the state’s financial resources. If you happen to run into a situation where the government is railroading you, it’s important to get legal help that specializes in these sorts of things. That is why Neale & Newman are one of the top Springfield, MO law firms that handle things like government interference in your life, intellectual property law in Springfield, MO and much more. 

With the purposes presented from the two principles, can human security drive global governance?

Yes, because good governance follows the value-based approach. The approach can help in the modification of law system in the developing countries that are more affected by the threat

Apart from the approach, it has elements including accountability, transparency, equality and social justice. These elements help to increase the participation of the public and civil institutions in the improvement of human security. When more people participate, the governance improves.  


It shows that both principles work hand-in-hand. It shows that good governance is not a sole responsibility of the government. The involvement of the different institutions helps in the mobility and speed of the project implementation. So, even the threats get worse every day, good governance helps to lessen individuals’ burden.


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