Realization of Human Security in Light of Good Governance

ISIS, Syria war, Great Barrier Reef threat, and poverty in Africa has raised people’s awareness that the world’s condition is not getting any better. These threats leave them with fear that one day it might happen in their own country. The uncertainty of events has challenged governments to uplift the dignity of their citizens. Some countries invested in upgrading their military units to address the issue ensuring the safety of the people. However, the military units upgrade is only a part of the solution. Because many concerned individuals think that good governance helps in the realization of human security. To

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Who Will The Democrats Run For President in 2020?

The results of the recent 2016 presidential election in the United States sparked controversy, given that the Democratic party was supposedly projected to lead in polls due to the number of supporters and voters of the party. Before the declaration of the official 2016 Democrat presidential candidate, the final Democrats which the Democratic party initially pitted to be selected on were Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. As the election drew near, tides shifted towards Hillary Clinton as the official Democrat presidential candidate for the 2016 elections, inspiring women across the United States. Despite the intense campaign and the seemingly favorable

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Will Trump Help Or Hurt Upcoming Elections For Republicans?

The previous presidential election has taken its toll on the nation, as America has become more divided than ever, due to differences in beliefs and political opinions. With Trump’s election as President, many states have reported a decrease in tolerance – a step back from the progressive thinking that was starting to get inculcated to society. With this in mind, the latest news about the Republican party report that Trump’s effect on Republican candidates has been negative and that the Republican party is doomed in a sense where the party’s approval, particularly with Trump’s leadership, and other Republicans are continuing

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Elections in the United States

The United States has a federal government, with elected officials at the federal (national), state and local levels. On a national level, the head of state, the President, is elected indirectly by the people, through an Electoral College. In modern times, the electors virtually always vote with the popular vote of their state. All members of the federal legislature, the Congress, are directly elected. There are many elected offices at the state level, each state having at least an elective governor and legislature. There are also elected offices at the local level, in counties and cities. It is estimated that

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Election Laws

Another hot topic since the famous legal and political dispute of the 2000 Gore v. Bush presidential campaign have been election laws. Each state has its own regulatory mechanism for conducting elections, validating ballots, and ensuring that those who wish to vote are given the rights promised to them under the Constitution. Unfortunately, with each state utilizing a separate set of rules, disputes as occurred after the 2000 presidential election (and several that followed) are sure to occur. Thus, this has become a surprisingly robust area of the law over the last few years, with numerous safeguards and other measures

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Violations of Election Laws

The United States Constitution enacts penal laws to preserve the purity of election process.  The Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 regulates the conduct of election campaigns in order to protect the integrity of the political process and to ensure effective political debate.  The provisions of this Act supersede any provision of state law dealing with election to Federal office.  2 USCS § 453 provides that notwithstanding any other provision of this Act, a state or local committee of a political party may, subject to state law, use funds that are not subject to the prohibitions, limitations, and reporting requirements

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