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Is The Current Rise of Populism A Good Thing?


If we wanted to summarize the year of 2016 in only one word, this word would be “populism,” or perhaps the rising of populism.


Since this word turned up in the political science departments, this word has become one of the most frequent used words in the mainstream. And in 2016 the voting results were shocking throughout the whole world. After these results, we got involved in disputes about populism and in kind of debate that ‘Is populism good or wrong at all?” Surprisingly but it is extremely hard to find a definition what populism means in these days. In according to academics, this word has always been misused, and this has become even more confusing in the last few years. As a matter of fact, a populist in a country can totally differ from the other in another country or state. Let’s overview in headlines what happened last year all over the world:

– Austria: close winning of a far-right candidate

– Philippines:  presidency winning of a ‘Death Squad mayor.’

– England: ‘Brexit’ – Britain votes to leave EU

– Italy: A referendum’s defeat

– South Korea: Impeachment

So we can see that now populism can spread as having enough room for it. This year there will be major elections in Holland, France, Germany and populist parties are likely to do well although there is little chance to form governments. Those political crises could be observed in South Korea, Britain, and Italy will surely go on.


If we compare globe populism with complete globalization we can see some differences:

Globe populism:

– In very simple words populism means during policy formation interest of ordinary people is taken an interest. Those people are benefitted who are poor.

– The statement above is not only true for individuals but developing countries as well. These countries can have opportunities to improve their economy and get involved in competitions where they can win.



– If all nations can trade with each other, it would not be good for developed or under developing countries because then, every country would play in the same field, this can potentially result in developing countries being crushed in a competition.

– It makes the rich even richer for globalization is a great opportunity for the owners and managers of companies but is disadvantageous for laborers and workers. Those who are already wealthy can increase their wealth even more because they have the chance to be successful in every situation; this is called The Labor Drain Phenomena.

Every one of us wanted to lead a comfortable and fruitful life, that’s why people tend to migrate from poorer countries so that they can work for higher wages and salaries.


When this happens, it often results in an unequal situation because richer countries tend to have more supply than the demand for jobs leaving developing countries with inexperienced professionals.


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